I started writing this book after myself going through the ordeal of organising a wedding. I remember having no idea where to start & a limited budget that kept dwindling with the purchase of more Bridal Magazines & books than I really needed.

I had “Stuff” everywhere, magazines with bookmarks & highlights, turned pages to mark the spot, then I could never find what I was looking for anyway because I couldn’t remember which magazine it was in.

I kept thinking “there has to be a better way of doing this”. I roughly constructed something to suit my purposes. This planner is almost the same as that one just refined and modified.

I procrastinated for a decade or so then finally ‘did something about it’. I learned so many many thing from this process. Things about myself, things about other people and things about the Universe in general and it’s crazy path and purpose.

Most of all I learnt, I can do it.

In actual fact writing and publishing this book, led me to where I am and who I am now.

Through my journey of getting the book published I learned so much, mostly what NOT to do. Born from the frustrations of not getting my wishes across or having the professionals I dealt with constantly letting me down, I thought, surely I can do this better myself.

Today I am a Graphic Designer, Marketer, Web Designer and Publisher. Through my business Picardie Press I help other people recognise their dreams and bring them to life. My motto is ‘I will make YOU look good’, and I back this up with a very simple philosophy, If you don’t look good then I don’t look good.

The journey through life is indeed a rollercoaster, I’ve had a bit of down time over the last few years (five actually) through various illnesses (Breast Cancer, Stroke and a heart condition brought on by the chemo). During that time I barely kept my business going but this book I’m afraid was left dangling.

So, the time has come to resurrect it from the basement, sell off all the remaining copies to make way for a new and improved version. I have some great ideas I want to include and share, modernise it and of course make an online version and app, so it can be purchased all over the world.

Yes, we’re going global.   Join me for the ride!!

My advice to anybody out there who may have an idea but don’t think they could do it, would be:

Just do it!

Even the journey of growth and self discovery to the end or finished product is well worth any effort in itself; you may even grow and learn more than you ever thought possible.